Asparagus and Prosciutto Tea Sandwiches

Published on
June 1, 2022
Prep Time:
15 Minutes
Cook Time:
20 Minutes Refrigeration Time
Difficulty Level:

1 tablespoon Herbes de Provence Seasoning

8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened

4 sliced thin bread

4 oz. prosciutto

1 pound asparagus, blanched and sliced into ribbons


1. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside.

2. In a small bowl mix the Herbes de Provence and cream cheese. Spread 2 tablespoons on each slice of bread all the way to the crust.

3. Layer the bread with prosciutto and asparagus. Top with second piece of bread. Place on the prepared sheet pan and press lightly to seal.

4. Refrigerate for 20 minutes.

5. Slice off the crusts and cut tea sandwiches in half, then diagonally.

Recipe Tip:
To blanch the asparagus- drop into boiling water and cook for 2 minutes. Remove asparagus and place into an ice bath to stop the cooking process.
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